Salmon Strips

Salmon strips (available in peppered, maple, and all dressed) are the most popular hot smoked product in Canada. This Maritime Original is the result of taking the most moist and flavourful sections of the salmon fillet, marinating them in salt and sugar, then cooking and smoking them simultaneously. The process seals in their flavour, making them a delicious snack, appetizer or main course. Strips are also the healthiest fast-food around.

How are they Processed?

Strips are made from the belly portion of a salmon fillet, typically higher in fat and oil content. The resulting smoked product is exceptionally moist and flavorful – full of healthy fish oils and Omega 3 content.

Strips are brined in a special salt and sugar mixture then laid on racks to dry. After this curing period, they are seasoned depending on the flavour, then are oven - smoked.

What Packs and Brands are Available?

  • St Mary’s River Smokehouses brand - 150 gram pack for Canada - Maple, All-Dressed and Pepper Flavours
  • Sobey’s Compliments - 150 gram pack - Maple Pepper and All - Dressed Flavours
  • St Mary’s River Smokehouse brand - 4 oz pack for US - Maple, Savoury Herb and Pepper Flavours

Serving and Recipe Suggestions:

Many of our customers eat our strips straight from the tray pack  because it’s a fully cooked, ready to eat item. There are, however, many way to enjoy salmon strips. Serve with crackers and a squeeze of lemon as an appetizer, tossed into salads, pasta, scrambled eggs, or tucked into wraps or sandwiches.