Who We Are

Sherbrooke village sits astride the beautiful St. Mary’s River in eastern Nova Scotia. The river has long been a popular destination for salmon anglers from around the world; it’s also the ancestral home of the Cameron family.

Two members of the clan, cousins George Newell and the late Sandy Cameron, knew Sherbrooke was the perfect place to build a smokehouse. They traveled across Scotland to study the smoking techniques of the finest Scottish smokehouses and combined these methods with the best smoking traditions of Nova Scotian fishing villages. In 1996 St. Mary’s River Smokehouses was born. Today the company is producing products true to tradition, yet is also committed to creating new products for today’s consumers.

Key Team Members

George A Newell

Chairman - Lochiel Enterprises

After a successful career in London merchant banking and project finance, George returned to the village of his ancestors in Sherbrooke to co-found, with his cousin Sandy Cameron, St.Mary's River Smokehouses and its holding company Lochiel Enterprises. Always wanting to combine his business background and his culinary interest shared with his cooking teacher wife, smoking high quality salmon seemed an ideal combination.

Alan Archibald

President and CEO - Lochiel Enterprises

From his involvement in the beginning days of the British Columbia farmed salmon industry in the mid 1980's, Alan's career in salmon and seafood has spanned over 20 years. He most recently spent 11 years with Clearwater Seafood managing their North American sales division along with the marketing and product development group. Alan joined Lochiel in early 2006 with a mandate to direct and develop the overall St. Mary’s business with a particular focus on profitable growth in new products and customers. 

Marg Harpell

President - St.Mary's River Smokehouses

Bringing 20 years of managerial and entreprenurial experience with her, Marg joined St Mary's River Smokehouses in 1998 after moving to Nova Scotia from Ontario.  In her capacity as President, Marg manages all facets of plant operations including production, finance and accounting,  administration, personnel and procurement.